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Welcome to Fingerboards UK!

The journey began in summer 2009 whilst chilling in a skate shop in the city of Hull. The vision was simply ‘what if we built a miniature skate shop and skate park model which is an exact copy of the one owned by the creator Tony for customers to use their tech decks on. Whilst pondering the idea for some time, the requirement for a dedicated UK retailer of fingerboards and finger sports goods was a must and in early 2010 Tony began importing fingerboard products from all around the world. After many different websites ‘www.fingerboardsuk.com’ was set in stone and was launched in 2011 as the UK’s only dedicated retailer of finger sports goods such as fingerboards, fingerbikes, finger scooters etc.

The business has continued over the years and still stands as the go-to place for all your fingerboard needs with huge stock and variety of hardware, decks, griptape, ramps, rails from many brands worldwide. Here you will find a great place to discover many branded finger sport goods such as Tech Decks, Finger bikes etc. We are a dedicated UK online website run by finger sport enthusiasts and are here to educate and show you about the world of finger boarding and many other digit-type sports/toys! Not only are we a collective of enthusiasts who have a hidden interest in finger boarding, we are also interested in the history of the fingerboard and how they have expanded over the years and what brands have been involved in the uprising of the fingerboard phenomenon. The business is still run by the creator Tony and our online store will give you every option from limited edition series, old collectibles, loose parts, pro parts, ramps, gifts etc... So if you’re a starter, a boarder or collector... We have something for you.

Finger boarding is back & ever growing... Join Us...